Lipo-Massage Endermologie

Lipo massage endermologie is a revolution non invasive treatment that reduces cellulite.

Medically proved systemfrom France suction the fat from the deepest layer of the tissue.

Treat trapped fat
Improve circulation up to %400
Increase lymphatic drainage up to %300
Lose inches

Special areas of Benefit

  • Arms: Lipo Massage helps to tighten and tone flabby arms
  • Stomach: Restores pre- pregnancy tightness and reduces loose sagging skin
  • Buttocks: Sculpts and uplifts while reducing excess fat
  • Saddlebags: help to reshape and slim disproportional figures
  • Thighs: Streamlines contours and smooths cellulite

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What happens in a LPG® Lipomassage™ program?


Step 1: Assessment

This first step helps to determine your objectives with your specialist.

After having answered a few questions, a first photographic evaluation will be carried out.
An analysis of the fatty areas (Lipo-isolation) will then help mark excess volumes in order to choose the most appropriate treatment.


Step 2: Treatment

After having put on your ENDERMOWEAR (personal and opaque clothing specific to LIPOMASSAGE), you will comfortably settle on the treatment table. You are off for 35 minutes of relaxation and well being.


Step 3: Monitoring results

During your LIPOMASSAGE program, several assesments will enable to monitor your results according to the objectives set.

At the end of your program, optimization sessions (one per month) will consolidate and maintain your results.


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